Sonya Deville To Replace Lana On Season 9 Of Total Divas

Sonya Deville To Replace Lana On Season 9 Of Total Divas

February 13, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

E! Network shaking things up again with the next season of Total Divas.

We learned earlier in the week that Lana and Rusev will not be returning to Total Divas. Lana said she was told by Kevin Dunn that E! Network executives found them “Strongly Disliked” hence why they are not being brought back.

With that, on AfterBuzz TV’s Smackdown After Show Sonya Deville revealed that she will be joining the cast for season 9 and that she is very excited for it.

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“Part of being a WWE Superstar to me is showing the fans what happens outside of the ring. Who I am in the ring, and in my personal life, is important to defining my character. I am tough for a reason. I have been through things and I am the person I am for a lot of reasons and I love sharing those stories for the fans because it’s relatable.  And on that topic, I’ll be on Season 9 of Total Divas, which is something I am super excited about.”

As far as season 9 of ‘Total Divas’ goes, E! Network nor WWE has not announced a premiere date for the new season as well who will be the cast all this next season.