Smackdown Live Notes, Results & Review: December 11, 2018

Smackdown Live Notes, Results & Review: December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018 0 By Nicolas Brosnan


  • Daniel Bryan def. Mustafa Ali.

Match Grade: B-

Match Time: 10:00

  • The Miz & Shane McMahon def. Chip & Chad (The Vegas Boys)

Match Grade: C-

Match Time: 1:35

  • Rusev & Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe & Shinsuke Nakamura.

Match Grade: B-

Match Time: 7:45

  • Asuka def. Charlotte Flair via DQ.

Match Grade: B+

Match Time: 17:20



Daniel Bryan Promo

  • Bryan reminds the people that he called them sheep.
  • Bryan wants to apologize to the sheep.
  • Bryan says he shouldn’t compare sheep to humans.
  • Bryan calls the fans ‘parasites’.
  • Fickle!
  • Bryan says you take & you take but give nothing in return.
  • Bryan says they latched onto the old Daniel Bryan.
  • Bryan for the third straight week reminds us that the old Daniel Bryan and the YES Movement is dead.
  • Bryan says now the fans resigns on the couch and the house that AJ Styles built.
  • Bryan says he will beat Styles at TLC.
  • Bryan says he doesn’t know if the fans are deliberately stupid or not.
  • Mustafa Ali comes out.
  • Ali introduces himself.
  • Bryan says he knows who he is, the fans might not.
  • Bryan introduces Ali to the fans.
  • Bryan calls Ali an incredible performer.
  • Bryan says he sees a lot of himself in Ali.
  • Bryan says they don’t need to have the match tonight.
  • Ali asks Bryan what happened to him.
  • Ali said it was Bryan who made him believe he could be a WWE Superstar.
  • Ali says the old Daniel Bryan would want to fight. That’s what Ali wants. A fight.
  • Bryan asks Ali what kind of car he drives.
  • Ali says he drives an SUV.
  • Bryan questions Ali why he would need a SUV.
  • Ali starts to explain.
  • Bryan attacks Ali.

Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali

  • Who would’ve thought we’d get this match on Smackdown? New stuff. I like it.
  • We don’t need two commercial breaks during this all-star match.
  • Bryan targets Ali’s left leg.

Rap Battle

  • The New Day are the hosts for the Rap Battle.
  • The Bar weren’t that bad in my opinion.
  • The Bar attack The New Day & The Usos.

The Miz Promo

  • The Miz wants Shane McMahon to come out.
  • Shane asks Miz if he’s doing ok.
  • Miz says Shane won’t answer his calls or respond to their texts.
  • McMahon says it’s starting to get a little weird.
  • Miz says the trophy is just an accomplishment that they earned.
  • Miz demands for a referee.
  • It’s Miz & McMahon vs Chip & Chad.
  • Chip & Chad attack Shane.

Paige Backstage Segment

  • Paige is pissed at a WWE Official.
  • Chip & Chad want $5,000.
  • Paige demands everyone to leave her office.

Randy Orton Promo

  • Orton rolls two tapes of him unmasking Mysterio.
  • Mysterio attacks Orton with a steel chair.
  • Mysterio delivers a 619.
  • Mysterio stands tall.

Becky Lynch Backstage Interview

  • Becky says she has to compete in one of the most grueling matches in her first match back.
  • Becky says she has no advantage.
  • Lynch says she can’t wait to remind the world how much chaos she can create.

Hardy & Rusev vs Nakamura & Joe

  • Nakamura attacked Hardy before the match.
  • Lana is in Rusev & Hardy’s corner.

Shane McMahon & The Miz Backstage Segment

  • McMahon confronts Miz.
  • Miz is really trying hard to become Shane’s partner.
  • Miz offers a handshake to Shane. Shane doesn’t shake Miz’s hand. A sign of a double turn incoming? I am interested.

AJ Styles Backstage Interview

  • AJ Styles says he wants to beat the hell out of Daniel Bryan.
  • Styles says he is counting down the days, hours & minutes until TLC.
  • Styles says he will do whatever it takes to get the WWE Championship back.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

  • Flair says the Queen doesn’t break, she breaks undefeated streaks.
  • Flair says Asuka & Lynch will bow down to the queen.
  • Becky Lynch is ringside for the match.
  • Asuka applies an early Asuka Lock, Flair escapes.
  • Asuka with lots of submissions.
  • Becky has the same look on her face when she watches every match. Kind of like a studying her opponent face.
  • Flair uses a kendo stick on Asuka.
  • Flair then proceeds to attack Lynch.
  • Lynch responds by sending Flair into the steel steps.
  • Asuka throws Lynch over the announce table.
  • Asuka stands tall.