Six NXT Call-Ups Announced

December 17, 2018 0 By Tim Jarrell

Tonight Vince McMahon opened up Monday Night RAW and brought out Stephanie, Shane and Triple H. As they were out there they announced that change is coming. They said faces will be in new places, new faces will emerge and new match-ups will take place we may have not seen before.

Later in the night, WWE announced six NXT superstars who are “On Their Way To WWE”. Some of the six names announced were expected and a few came as a surprise to most. The six NXT superstars coming to the main roster are,

Lars Sullivan

It was announced back at Survivor Series that Lars Sullivan will be coming to the main roster. It is reported that Lars Sullivan is to get a Braun Strowman style push on the main roster and a big monster as Vince likes his look and size.

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross is a name that many fans have wanted to see on the main roster for a while now. Many were confused when Cross did not come to Smackdown Live with the rest of SANITY. Then a few weeks back when in the UK Cross had a match on Smackdown with Becky Lynch but it was just a one-off match.


EC3’s name has been rumored to come to the main roster since the summer. Many felt he would be called up after SummerSlam. Yet unfortunately he suffered a concussion at NXT Takeover and his call-up was pushed back. For those uaware, this is not EC3’s first time in the WWE but he was released, made a name for himself outside the company and has impressed since returning.

Lacey Evans

This one is a shock to many as Lacey Evans has seemed to be on a start and stop run while in NXT. They would seem to start to push Evans and then she ends up getting cold and just another women. Then they seem interested to use her again and it never goes anywhere. It just seemed like they would come up with an idea and then drop it. Hopefully, that does not happen on the main roster.

Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight)

Heavy Machinery has been used very well in NXT. They have had a slow rise and with their style that is a good thing. You have them do squash matches and get the one-sided victories to make this team look good and seem dominate over time. They got the fans of NXT behind them and have finally been pushed as a top tag team on the brand after establishing themselves.

It was not announced what brand these superstars will go to. It is not known if they will all go to RAW, all go to Smackdown or be split between the two brands. It is interesting that EC3 did send out the following tweet after this announcement was made.