Real Reason Charlotte Was Added To The WrestleMania Match & Why It’s A Good Idea

February 12, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Charlotte Flair has been added to the RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania and fans are outraged.

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Becky Lynch won the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble to earn a championship match at WrestleMania. Becky wasted no time in making her decision and the next night showed up on Monday Night RAW to challenge Ronda Rousey. This at the time made all the Becky Lynch fans really happy that finally, WWE was going to give them what they wanted. Little did some know this was not the actual plan and there was more to come.

Over the next few weeks, they would do an “injury” storyline with Becky Lynch that would lead to Lynch being suspended, with her punching Stephanie McMahon and slapping Triple H. With the suspension came the possibility of Becky not getting her title shot at WrestleMania. This week on RAW the McMahons invited Lynch to the show to give her an opportunity to earn her title match back.

Triple H and Stephanie said the Becky has seen the doctor and her knee will be fine for WrestleMania and that she could have the much under one condition. All she would have to do is say she was sorry for putting her hands on them last week. All Becky had to do was apologize and she could make history at WrestleMania with Ronda Rousey. Through the show, different superstars gave Lynch advice even with Rousey telling her to just say she is sorry even if she doesn’t mean it so they hear what they want and they can still have the match.

After thinking it over for almost three hours Lynch decided to do hat was right and she told Triple H and Stephanie she was sorry and they told her the match is on. They would leave the ring and Lynch would be skeptical that this was it and there were no other tricks to come that we have come to expect from the McMahons. Now, these McMahons had no little trick but another did.

With minutes left on the show and after Ronda Rousey would come out to confront Becky Lynch, Vince McMahon himself would come out. He stated that Triple H and Stephanie may have accepted her apology and that all was good but he did not. He felt it was not good enough and that Becky would be suspended for the next sixty days. That would mean she would come back five days after WrestleMania. Vince would then go on to name Charlotte Flair Lynch’s replacement and not only make her the replacement but fully endorse her saying that he knew she would defeat Rousey.

This lead to an outrage by fans online some just upset that this has happened and not realizing what this truly means and some just upset with the addition of Charlotte Flair. The plan for this match even before Royal Rumble has been for this match to be a triple threat with Rousey defending against both Flair and Lynch. Even with that knowledge, many fans feel the only reason Charlotte is in the match is to win and so they can say she won the first women’s WrestleMania main event and that is not the case. Everything right now going on indicates Becky Lynch will walk out of this match as the champion.

Now the main reason WWE wants this, or do I say needs this match to be a triple threat has to do with Ronda Rousey post-WrestleMania. WWE is under the assumption that Rousey will be stepping away from WWE for a little while following WrestleMania and maybe not returning at all until later in the year possibly around Survivor Series. With that WWE feels that it is better to have two women around full-time that can say they made history at WrestleMania and not just one with the other disappearing.

Also, another reason this is a good idea is it will make Becky Lynch an even bigger babyface. Becky can come out of this match saying she did not only beat one woman for the title but she actually beat two, two of the top women in the company. With the way Charlotte was added into this match as Vince McMahon’s new chosen one, there is no doubt from now until the foreseeable future she may be the biggest heel in the WWE. If Becky is to beat both women, which we expect, then this would make her the biggest babyface in the company for toppling the Baddest Women on The Planet in Ronda Rousey, and McMahon’s chosen one in Charlotte Flair.

Just imagine how it will be in Metlife Stadium come April 7th with 70,000 people booing both Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey and cheering possibly louder than any crowd has cheered for a babyface in two or more decades than they will for Becky Lynch. Lynch beating both women in the main event and the last thing you see before the screen fades to black being Becky holding up that title in victory will no doubt be something that fans will never forget and a moment WWE can replay for decades.

Finally, my last reason why Charlotte being in the match is a good idea has to do with Ronda Rousey’s skill level. Now we know all three women will be together a lot for a few weeks leading up to WrestleMania working out exactly how they want this match to go, possibly move for move. Yet that does not mean with all of that practice the pressure may not get to Rousey. Rousey could botch a move, get flustered and forget what to do next because of her lack of experience. With the match being a triple threat, if something like that was to happen they have both Charlotte and Becky who can pick the pieces back up, get the match back on track and save the match from going off the rails. Nothing against Becky Lynch, but if it was just a singles match there is nothing saying that Becky herself could get that composer back into Ronda well enough to save the match. So having Charlotte and Becky in there, if something does go wrong, Ronda can bow out for a moment, they save the match and when Ronda is good she jumps back in and all is fine.

Now I know a lot of people, even after reading and hearing this is still going to complain and Charlotte being in the match. Overall when you do look at the bigger picture having this match a triple threat, in the long run, is the better and right choice for the WWE.