Randy Orton Reportedly Open To Speaking With All Elite Wrestling

February 6, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

This morning WrestleVotes on Twitter sent out a very interesting Tweet stating the following,

Initially most believed they were talking about either Shinsuke Nakamura or AJ Styles but that is not the case.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, he reported on his Smackdown Live review that the name is actually Randy Orton. Now before we get into exactly what Sapp stated about Orton we need to talk about All Elite Wrestling.

It was confirmed to us through a source that AEW will not partake in any sort of tampering. If you are unaware of what “contract tampering” is, basically it is when a company reaches out to make an offer to a talent that is currently under an exclusive contract with another company. Said talent would not be legally allowed to speak with the initial company about any sort of deal to work with them unless stated otherwise in their contract or once their current contract does expire. So the initial report from WrestleVotes on an “outstanding”  offer being made was shut down to us right there.

As far as Orton goes, Sapp stated that it was confirmed to him through a credible source and then re-confirmed to him through another source that Orton has been open backstage about being open to speaking to AEW if the time is right. Now with that, you have to look when Randy Orton’s current contract with the WWE does expire. We do not know exactly when it may expire but back in 2010, the Wrestling Observer reported that Orton had signed a 10-year deal with the WWE. If that was the case then that would mean Randy Orton is locked into the WWE until 2020 as long as that 10-year deal was never extended along the way.

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This really comes as a shock as Randy Orton always seemed like a guy who was going to spend his entire career from start to finish with WWE. If one day Orton does leave and wrestles for another promotion like AEW that would be huge for said company as they would have stolen away one of WWE greatest true homegrown talents.

Now again we nor Fightful did state that a contract offer from AEW was made to Randy Orton, only that Orton has openly stated backstage that he would be open to speaking to AEW when the time comes and if an offer was to be made.