WATCH: R-Truth Attempts To Win 24/7 Title Back On The Plane

June 6, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

R-Truth May think the 24/7 title is ruining his life but he also can’t live without it.

Earlier today a video was posted with R-Truth standing on the tarmac outside of a plane as they are traveling to Saudi Arabia. He was rolled up by Jinder Mahal and as now a 2x champion Mahal ran back on the plane with the title.

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Later another video was posted that was supposed to be six hours after Mahal won the title. Mahal is seen going to his seat with the belt and lays under a blanket to hide and also take a nap. R-Truth then enters the cabin peaking under blankets to see if any of them are in fact Mahal. Truth does finally find Mahal and pins him to win back the WWE 24/7 Championship for the 5th time.

Truth then yells that he has won the title and in the moment everyone realizes what is going on and chases after him to try and win the belt from him. Truth ultimately locks himself in the bathroom where no one can get to him.

The one thing that makes no sense, yet we should not be trying to make any sense of this, if they are all on the same plane then why and how did it take Truth six hours to find Mahal?