Pro Wrestling Tees Buying Up The Competition

Pro Wrestling Tees Buying Up The Competition

March 15, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Pro Wrestling Crate may become the only pro wrestling crate service here soon.

One Hour Tees is the parent company of Pro Wrestling Tees who acquired Pro Wrestling Crate back in 2016, but they were not the first pro wrestling crate service. Since then Pro Wrestling Tees has become a juggernaut as a place for non-WWE wrestlers and podcasters to make money off of merchandise.

If you are unaware One Hour Tees started Pro Wrestling Tees after Colt Caban come to their shop in 2010 seeing if they could make a t-shirt for CM Punk to wear on Smackdown that said, “I broke Big Show’s hand.” Soon after Cabana contacted One Hour Tees again asking if they can make him custom shirts he could sell at wrestling shows and that is when the idea of opening an online store for wrestlers to get merch made/sold at an affordable price was created.

With all of those different merch stores on their site, it allows them to give their subscribers some of the best exclusive items in their crate. With that success, it has also allowed them to purchase some of their competition.

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Back on February 15th, One Hour Tees announced they have acquired That Wrestling Club, a smaller crate service and will be merging their subscribers with the Pro Wrestling Crate service.

Also, in a move that many did not think we would see, they have also acquired Wrestle Crate. Wrestle Crate was one of if not the first pro wrestling crate service and is the top competitor to Pro Wrestling Crate but not no more.

With One Hour Tees acquiring Wrestle Crate and That Wrestling Club now that only leaves WWE’s Slam Crate with Loot Crate and Pro Wrestling Loot still on the market in the US. How long could it be before they acquire Pro Wrestling Loot? No word if they will acquire Wrestle Crate UK or not.