Major Hint As To What Day Of The Week AEW’s Weekly TV Will Be On

Major Hint As To What Day Of The Week AEW’s Weekly TV Will Be On

June 22, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

We may now know what day of the week AEW’s weekly television show will air on.

Back before All Elite Wrestling was officially announced they filed for a trademark for “Tuesday Night Dynamite.” It looked like that could be the night of the week they would want to run their weekly tv show. With them not wanting to go head-to-head with WWE, Mondays and Fridays were out of the questions.

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Last month AEW announced that they had signed a deal with WarnerMedia to air a live, two-hour, weekly television show on TNT but the day of the week or start date was not announced. Many felt they could still do a show on Tuesday nights, but with being on TNT there was a major issue with that.

TNT has for years been a major partner of the NBA and it was reported that they recently signed a deal with the NBA to make sure they have a game air every Tuesday during the NBA season. If AEW were to run on Tuesday nights on TNT they would be fine during the NBA’s off-season but during the season would have to be pre-empted or moved to another partner network.

With that taken into consideration, many started to think the best option for them would end up being Wednesday nights and that looks like it could be the case. AEW has not abandoned their trademark for “Tuesday Night Dynamite,” but back on June 18 they filed a new trademark for “Wednesday Night Dynamite.” With AEW filing a trademark for a show on Wednesday nights this could be the biggest hint we have gotten so far.

AEW needs to lock in the day of the week and announce it soon as once they start booking venues for their 52-week a year show we will know what day of the week they will be running. If done similar to WWE, WWE usually puts tickets on sale three to four months in advance and that time frame is quickly approaching if they are going to start on in the fall, more specifically possibly early October.

Let us know your thoughts below of what you think of the All Elite Wrestling weekly show airing on Wednesday nights. Also, what do you think of the name “Wednesday Night Dynamite.”