Goldust Says Cody Asked Him To Work ‘ALL IN’ But He Had To Turn It Down.

December 28, 2018 Off By Tim Jarrell

Goldust has been a fixture in WWE for over 20 years. Yes, he did leave WWE and come back multiple times throughout his career, but no matter where else Dustin wrestles he will be best known as Goldust. As far as his younger brother Cody, Cody started with WWE before leaving the company in 2016 and becoming bigger than he ever was in WWE. Dustin never shies away from talking about his brother and how proud he is of Cody and all he has done since leaving WWE.

While recently on Busted Open Radio with Mark Henry and David Lagreca Goldust said the following about Cody.

“He’s doing great. He’s doing stuff outside of the E and doing stuff on his own and he’s making good money, and you know, he’s trying to… he keeps reinventing himself and he’s doing a great job at it. When they took his Rhodes name, I guess when he signed on at the beginning they had it, so he’s just Cody but everybody knows he’s Cody Rhodes and he’s just taken things and I watch his new outfits and his new gimmicks and things that he does on Ring Of Honor and all the other independent [shows] and you know, he’s stepping it up a notch for the independents, and he’s becoming a pretty good draw there.”

Everyone knows that this past September along with The Young Bucks, Cody self-financed and ran “ALL IN” in front of a sold-out crowd. During this interview with Busted Open Radio, Dustin revealed that Cody spoke to him about coming to “ALL IN” and Dustin even asked higher-ups in WWE if he could go to the show and was big the big no.

“You know back when he was doing ALL IN, he texted me and then he called me, and was like, ‘Can you come do the ALL IN?’ And I was like, ‘I cannot. I’m under contract with WWE’ and I asked them and they told me I could not do it.” Goldust revealed. “So I told Cody that. He was kind of heartbroken — couldn’t really understand it because he is still young but I think after the time went on and his ALL IN was a success and he’s just doing great things — he kind of understood that I had a signing up in New York and I saw him and we talked a little bit about it and he understood at that point but I think he was upset that I couldn’t be there to watch him win the World Title and I was upset, and I really was.” He said. “I wanted to be there but they wouldn’t let me and I understand business is business and you gotta do what you gotta do so hopefully… I’m still under contract right now, with WWE and I’m on injury reserve right now with my knee surgeries, so I don’t know what’s happening. I’m 49-years old almost 50. Thirty years is a long time so I’m not sure what the future holds — the immediate future holds for me in the business. I know how to act. I’ve done a couple of movies, and I wanna do more because that’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot easier on the body.”

To listen to the full interview check out the video above or click here.

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