EXCLUSIVE DETAILS On Fans Being Told They Can Not Wear AEW Shirts At Smackdown Live

January 8, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Today All Elite Wrestling held their Double or Nothing Rally in Jacksonville, Florida and WWE held Smackdown Live in Jacksonville as well. With that many fans went to both and some wearing AEW t-shirts were told they were not allowed to wear AEW shirts at Smackdown.

During our Smackdown Live review, a listener who attended Smackdown Live in Jacksonville called in and gave some interesting information on this situation. The caller stated that a friend of his entered the arena and security told him he could not enter wearing an All Elite Wrestling shirt. The fan turned away turned the shirt inside out thinking that would be alright. Yet that was not alright in the least bit.

Security reapproached that fan and told him he needed to either change his shirt or leave the arena. Security would then go on to tell him that this is coming from Vince McMahon himself. To hear the caller’s story check out the video above.

The fan turned away is Benjamin Unbutton and also posted about this on Twitter.

Unbutton also posted that eventually WWE gave up on trying to ban the shirts and would just go on to allow people wearing the shirts to enter the arena.

What do you guys think of WWE at one point making people who paid to attend Smackdown change their shirt or leave all together?