WATCH: Drake Maverick Reclaims The 24/7 Championship

July 1, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Did Maverick pick the title over his wife?

Tonight on Monday Night RAW, Drake Maverick brought his real-life wife Renee Michelle to the show instead of on their honeymoon. She told him he was obsessed with the 24/7 title and had to choose, the title or her and he chose her. Throughout the night every time he saw R-Truth he had his wife by his side and could not attempt to win the title. Well, that was for the brief moment he was alone.

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Maverick and Michelle were leaving the building when a number of superstars ran past them looking for Truth. Maverick told his wife to go ahead and he would meet her at the car. As she leaves Truth comes out of hiding and thinks Maverick still can’t or won’t attack him. Yet Truth was wrong. Truth turns around and Maverick throws his suitcase at him. He then pins Truth becoming the new 24/7 Champion.

His wife reappears very mad and he tells her they are bringing the title on their honeymoon because the honeymoon will now her 24/7.