Details On WWE’s Offer To Sign The Young Bucks: Length & Amount, Never Before Clause & More

January 11, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

It is no secret that the WWE wanted to sign Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, and they tried all they could to bring them into the company.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he states the Triple H himself talked with and negotiated with the Young Bucks for upwards of twelve hours. Also, Triple H did not lose out on signing them for a lack of trying in the least bit.

Meltzer says that the Bucks were offered multi-year deals with AJ Styles level money. According to Forbes, Styles was making 2.8 million dollars a year as of 2018. They were also given something never given before, a six-month out clause in the contract. If they were not happy with the way they were being used they could leave and get out of the contract after six months.

Triple H also apparently pitched them a full storyline arc for them from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania with them debuting at the Royal Rumble. WWE seemed to be very confident in that storyline and the Bucks liking it that they gave them the six-month out clause.

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They were also offered for Being The Elite to become a weekly show on the WWE Network. With Being The Elite, it was noted that Triple H found the humor of them parodying him on the shows with Franki Kazarian. It is not known how much control of the show WWE would have taken. As we saw with Matt Hardy’s ‘Woken’ specials WWE did try to put their own production and feel to it.

Meltzer also stated that some in WWE close to the situation thought this was a no brainer for them to take and a done deal. When they turned down the offer they saw it as a major head-scratcher.

In the end, The Young Bucks agreed to sign with All Elite Wrestling as both talent and executives. It’s unclear if they were at all interested in the talks and what Triple H was offering to them and if they ever at one time considered taking the deal. Now with them being with All Elite Wrestling, they will be there for at least five years and who knows where the industry will be then as far as if WWE tries to go after them again in five years.