Cody Says Wrestlers Will Be Covered In AEW, Full-Time Employees with Health Care & Benefits

January 9, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

All Elite is trying to do things differently and will be looking out for the talent.

During Tuesday’s AEW Double or Nothing Rally, Cody talked about how they will take care of their wrestlers. He said wrestlers have always been underpaid and they will pay their wrestlers properly. Later in the event, while speaking to the media Cody would mention that injured wrestlers would be taken care of by AEW.

Cody would go on to say,

“A lot of concerns that guys have is, ‘what happens if I get hurt in the ring?’ That’s the one thing WWE covers. We can confirm that anybody that gets hurt in an AEW ring will be 100 percent taken care of by AEW,”

Also on Twitter, this topic came up about Cody sying wrestlers will be covered and some asked what ‘covered” meant. Cody said they will pay for any treatment and rehab┬áneeded.

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Also while talking to the media Tony Khan would confirm what Cody said and elaborate┬ámore on what full-time employees will get. Khan said full-time employees of AEW “would have the best health care and benefits.”

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