Cody Says Hiring Writers Is Not Need In AEW

Cody Says Hiring Writers Is Not Need In AEW

January 19, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Cody Rhodes recently stated that they are not looking to hire writers for All Elite Wrestling and will leave the writing to the wrestlers in the company.

While speaking with SEScoops, Cody talked about how they are not hiring writers for AEW because they do not want to micromanage their talent. Cody says they believe in the young talent they are signing and want them to create “their own music”.

“There’s plenty of young, fresh independent talent out there that probably can use guidance and things of that nature, but there’s also plenty of folks on board already that I wouldn’t dare try to tell them how to play ‘their own music.’ If I am licensing you and I am paying you, then I already know what you can do. These are your songs and I want you to go out there and play them. Obviously, there’s a side that this is a collaborative effort and we do need to have an end goal. That used to always be a thing in wrestling – what is the finish? I don’t mean the match, I mean, the finish to the angle, the finish to the quarter or the year. What is our goal?

When you have like-minded super-professionals like Matt and Nick, like Hangman Page, when you have likeminded super-professionals, it’s fun to see how everyone works for that common goal. Again, the wrestling I grew up on. We’re talking bullet points, we’re talking an overall knowledge of the business, and hey, let them go out and play.  Take a look back at the wrestling you and I love. For the most part, they’re all grown men and women doing what they were hired to do. They’ve cut their teeth, they’ve paid their dues and now they’re going to go out there and play their music. I would very much like a presentation that mirrors that. We don’t need to micro-manage and we certainly don’t need to script a great deal of the product we’re planning.”

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As far as not hiring writers Cody stated that they considered reaching out to guys like Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, or Jim Cornette to join their team as a creative consultant. Cody also said that they want to give his roster creative freedom and that “the wrestlers are the writers.”

“Those resources are available potentially to us. I have a good relationship with all three of those guys. But I do know that we want to lean to what we did with All In. And on All In, we did it. Me, Matt and Nick, we did it. The way we did it, it was us. There’s probably going to come a time .. we never want to be so full of pride or so stubborn that we will turn down a good idea. But for now, we’re going to keep it in-house and keep it within the spirit of All In.

This is probably going to be an unpopular thing to say, but I will say it. There won’t be a writer hired for All Elite Wrestling any time soon. Because wrestlers are the writers. We’re the writers. Like I said with guys going out there and playing their own music, believe me – the day comes that I see ‘this is something we can really benefit from’ – absolutely, but I knew 40 writers in WWE and about 4 of them actually did anything. The reason I remember them and value them, they helped produce pre-tapes, they were team players, so right now that’s one thing we’ve gotten a lot of questions about. We’re keeping it very in-house for now.”

What is your take on Cody and AEW feeling that they do not need writers for their shows? We know once they are on TV or even with pay-per-view they will not need a writer per say but someone on the creative team as like a lead producer who is in charge of timing out the shows. Someone making sure the shows end on time and does not run long where the show does not finish while still on the air. If their weekly show is pre-taped that will not be as big of an issue but as we saw with All In they do need someone to make sure everyone hits their time cues and don’t have to go to a finish last second before going off the air.