Cody Says He Passed On WWE Offer, Teases International ALL IN

December 9, 2018 0 By Tim Jarrell

It is probably not a secret Cody can go anywhere he wants now that he is a free agent and Cody may already know where he is going, or at least not going.

During a Something To Wrestle Live Show in conjunction with Fight Forever Wrestling, Cody was a special guest and fielded questions from fans in attendance. When asked if he would ever return to the WWE Cody would state that he “passed on the WWE offer a few weeks ago”.

Cody would also go on to talk about the success of ALL IN and what could be next with that project. He also said that with the type of show ALL IN was that there is a thirst and want from fans for a non-PG product in today’s world of professional wrestling.

Cody also teased an idea for a future ALL IN show stating that they could go global with a UK version. Cody said, “Hypothetically, would it necessarily be ALL IN 2 or… ALL IN International”.

Cody has recently talked about the growth of pro wrestling in the UK and how he thinks it is the biggest it has ever been but will only continue to grow. So Cody wanting to run a show in the UK is not to far fetched but will be a hell of a feat unless they can find a UK promotion to partner with to help set up the show.