Cody Says AEW Could Have Records & Rankings

Cody Says AEW Could Have Records & Rankings

January 15, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

At the All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing Rally Cody said how in AEW wins and losses will matter more than ever before.

While speaking with SEScoops, Cody talked more about this and what the idea of wins and losses in AEW could lead to. He comments on how they will incorporate win-loss records to the company.

“This is preliminary, but I can tell you that we have talked about rankings and we have talked about records. As a kid, we probably all read Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the different mags where they’d have the rankings. Everything we’d like to do is an effort to engage the audience. Not in a way that insults their intelligence. It is something that’s been discussed. I can’t confirm that we’ll do records, or we’ll do an analytical take on it, but I’ve seen some mock ups for some pretty cool stuff.”

Cody also talked about Chris Jericho being in the company and said, “Chris Jericho who just signed with All Elite Wrestling, that’s a really cool record to take a look at.” Could that mean that everyone is not starting with a 0-0 record or will what they have done before AEW count as well? If so many guys like Cody, Jericho, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian who have longer careers than others could be at an advantage.

This is still all in the planning stages so it is not fully clear exactly how the win-loss records will work in AEW. Will they just be a thing where if you have the better record you get the title shot or will it just be a cool thing to have rankings for your wrestlers but not really go off of it for opportunities?