BREAKING NEWS: PAC & Chris Jericho Sign With All Elite Wrestling

January 8, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Today All Elite Wrestling held their Double or Nothing Rally in Jacksonville, Florida. They announced a number of things including the signing of two big former WWE stars.

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First off Hangman Page was on stage talking about AEW and how he wanted to be a champion in 2019. This would then bring out PAC, the former Neville in WWE, who get in the face of Hangman Page. He told Page that he is already a champion and Page is not even good enough to lace his boots. PAC would walk off and Page stated, “If that was a challenge then I accept.”

It looks like PAC versus Hangman Page could take place at Double or Nothing.

At the end of the rally, Conrad Thompson was on stage seemingly ending the press conference before some familiar music hit. That was the music of Chris Jericho as he walked on to the stage. Jericho would state that he is not with AEW for the money because he already has money but because this is different. He said in his career he has always tried to do differently. Jericho would close it out by saying that they are not here to just change the world but to change the universe.