BREAKING NEWS: Kushida Leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling At The End Of The Month

January 6, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

Another former champion of New Japan Pro Wrestling is leaving at the end of the month as the “Time Splitter” is letting his contract with the company expire.

New Japan Pro Wrestling held a post-Wrestle Kingdom press conference tonight where two big news stories broke. We learned that Kenny Omega will leave New Japan Pro Wrestling when his contract expires. We also learned that Kushida will let his contract expire as well as he also has decided to leave the company.

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The former 6-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion who lost his title this past week Taiji Ishimori at Wrestle Kingdom has decided to move on from the top promotion in the land of the rising sun. During the press conference, Kushida would state that his contract with the company expires on January 31st and when that time comes he will move on. Kushida, who was seen crying at the end of the press conference made it clear how hard this decision was for him as some said he was one of if not the best Junior Heavyweights of the modern era of New Japan.

New Japan announcer Chris Charlton was tweeting during Kushida’s announcement with some translations of what Kushida was saying.

Kushida mentioned so of the best moments of his eight-year run in New Japan and stated that there was really nothing left for him to do in the company. Even though it was teased at New Year’s Dash, it seems he would have no intentions on moving up to heavyweight like some many others recently have.

Kushida gave no indication on what is next for him but it was recently reported that WWE was highly interested in Kushida. Whether Kushida goes to the WWE or somewhere else is to be seen. The big question is if Kushida is willing to move to the United States and work here full time with a company like WWE.