BREAKING NEWS: Kenny Omega Officially Announces He Is Leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling

January 6, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

A move that many did expect to happen has happened as far as the future of Kenny Omega is concerned.

This past week Kenny Omega lost the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 13 and now we know why that move was made. Omega revealed to Tokyo Sports newspaper that he has decided to depart New Japan Pro Wrestling. The Best Mout Machine gave some comments on this but did not really tease where he could be going.

“There is no place to be put in now and it is better not to be in New Japan. New Japan has also became the era of Tanahashi. Of course I don’t think Tanahashi is superior, I do not think he is stronger either. So, someday I would like to have a rematch, but for now it is better not to stay in the ring for a while. It’ s not just New Japan, taking a little rest and making a different strategy.”

Omega did say in the interview that the company has moved on and it feels like New Japan is once again Tanahashi’s. He said he needs some time, to take a break and come up with a new strategy. The article in Tokyo Sports also states that optioned have seemed to narrow for Omega and he is expected to sign with either All Elite Wrestling or the WWE.

Kenny Omega did not give a real hint or where he could go next but stated that fans would be happy no matter where he goes.

“If I go to WWE, the fans there will be pleased, and the fans will be pleased if I go to AEW. I want to be in a place where Kenny is going to be happy.”

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The big question now has to do with Omega’s New Japan contract. Omega did close out his statement saying that his contract with New Japan does run until the end of the month and he will avoid saying any more about his future.

Many many questions need to be answered here and could be answered in the next few days or weeks and we all sit and wait for what The Cleaner and perhaps the most popular wrestling in the world does next.