Backstage News On Braun Strowman Being Pulled From Money In The Bank Ladder Match

May 14, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

WWE Reportedly has long term plans for Braun Strowman.

On last night’s Monday Night RAW, we saw Braun Strowman get defeated by Sami Zayn to lose his spot in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With that Sami Zayn will now be in the match Sunday at Money in the Bank. Throughout the night, we did see Strowman a few times before the match even took place and it was very noticable that Strowman’s right bicep was taped up. Many thought that could be why he was pulled from the match on Sunday but that does not look like the case.

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According to Dave Meltzer on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Melzter stated that he got a message telling him that the reason Strowman was pulled from the match was for a larger storyline that will play out over time. That was all that Melzter was told with no other context to what this “larger storyline” could actually be.

Over the last few years, WWE has not had the best track record with paying off longterm storylines. In all honesty, WWE usually fizzles out with storylines rather quickly unless it is considered the top story in the company and we don’t expect this to be that.

Now you have to ask yourself what direction is this going? Is Strowman vs Zayn continuing? It is Strowman vs Corbin, McIntyre or both. Or could it be that Strowman is mad at Shane McMahon for making the match even though he agreed to it on Monday. We may eventually find out where this leads to, but with it being WWE I would not hold my breath that it either gets paid off or paid off in a way that people will enjoy.