All Elite Wrestling Backstage Roles Defined

January 2, 2019 Off By Tim Jarrell

All Elite Wrestling was announced at the stroke of midnight on New Years and we learned a few things initially.

Tony Khan will be will be the president of the company and run most of the day to day operations. The next show will be called ‘Double or Nothing’ and a rally to announce more for the show will take place on January 8th.

Today, Cody posted a statement on social media stating the following,

Cody here revealed he along with Matt and Nick Jackson will serve as Executive Vice Presidents of the company. This was something expected with them being the main people behind the company. It is also being reported that Cody will serve as Executive Producer of TV and live events. The Young Bucks will lead creative with other members of The Elite and possibly SCU serving as backstage producers.

Tony Khan, Cody, Nick, and Matt Jackson are starting to grow a great team to help them run and grow their company. The next interesting thing will be who they have/are signing to the company. The word is they are signing guys to multi-year deals and everyone who is not signed somewhere else that worked ALL IN has been talked to about signing if not already started negotiating a contract.